Sunday, April 27, 2008


well.. Thx God that something happened today so i can blog bout it..

okie.. where do i start now..

lets talk bout my dance..

my studio currently under construction coz moving to another bigger place..
main recent is my studio is next to a budget hotel..
n the hotel complained that our studio is too noisy coz after 12am my studio stil got trainin classes..

n my instructor is going for his honey moon in May..
so my training lesson all those stuffs  probably start at June..

so.. May.. kinda free..

so today i went to Jusco, Cheras Selatan bout 8.30pm to look for a job..
as i've knew that Hytex Studio ( selling Nike, Addidas, sports stuffs) is vacancyin..
so i thought of going there to apply..
i thought is walk in interview.. but is calling interview..
wel.. i've saved the contact number..
the requirements are..

full time,
fluent in english,
passion for sports,
minimum SPM holder,

but dunno y not feel like going to apply Hytex Studio.. ><>no experince on workin is accepted!!!

so.. i went in n interviewed..
the girl that interview me is quite friendly..
but she's not the marketing manager...><
the marketing manager is away for this week..

so.. after chattin with her bout wat day i mostly cant work..
wat time n etc..
i told her i cant work on sunday from morning until 3pm coz i must go to church..
so she help me noted down bout this..
n i've filled the form..

then she told me that she'll inform her marketing manager..
then i asked her how's the interview will be?
then she told me jus chatting..
bout y u wanna work at SEED..
do u like SEED.. those stuffs la..

so i told her i like SEED..
n she say she know coz i'm wearing SEED's belt when i was interviewin.. ><

thx God the belt finally helped me coz i bought it for RM59.90.. =.=|| .. LOLZZZ..

n then when i left the shop bout 10 mins..
she called me  tell me that her marketing manager will hav 2nd interview with me next week further information she'll call back..

phew~~ Thx God.. at least they will consider of employing me..

okie.. lets talk bout the salary..
RM4.50 per hour for part time..
9 hours a day..
5 days off for a month..
not bad right.. haha..

but the main thing i wanna go work..
coz.. i'm too free...
when a person is too free she will think lotsa stuffs..........
think too much will coz ''heart attack''..

u know wat i mean right.. haha..

jus wanna get myself busy..
but wont busy until forget to hav time with God, church n ministry..
need to do something everday.....

well.. i wont giv up on my dance or as i've said i wanna
learn piano to improve my dance(rythm all those stuffs to flow better)..

the label of my belt.. haha

well.. everything is in God's hands..
hope He'll giv me this job..
anyway.. Thx God for everythin i'm sure He'll lead my way..

well.. everyone jus pray for me ya.. xD

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