Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My LG KU-380

yep.. today got my new phone..
bought from maxis.. jus Rm349..
coz using postpaid plans..
but my family already using it for more than 8 years..
an entry phone for 3G..
but its really really a low ent phone.. =.=..

anyway.. Thx God for everything.. xD
at least got a better phone than my ex phone..

if i really got e the whole in this bag.. its totally insane .. =.=

my small bro n i both bought the same phone..
i'm taking the white 1 n he'll be using the black 1..




okie.. i noe i look pale.. =.=.. every1 pls dun get scare!! ><
i'm not a ghost!! ><


lolz.. i go curi snapshot on my small bro..

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