Friday, April 18, 2008

Paint my Heart with Your L♡VE

its the 3rd day....
its harder than i thought...
but i mus be strong..
for what i've promise *him* n Him..

i keep tryin to turn my focus on Him..
i felt so touch n comfort when i choose to draw near to Him..

well.. its hard for me in this period..
tryin to figure out wat i'm gonna do...

diploma? degree?

studio? NAFA?
professional? certs?
hiphop? ballet?
music? piano?

part time? full time?

all of these drivin me crazy..
wish to discuss with *him*..

but.. its all right.. i'll discuss with Him..
coz He's my Lord my God..
He'll lead my path..

i felt dissapointed when i realize tat NAFA needs ballet to enter..

then i went to ask my studio(Urban Groove Dance Network, instructor..

i felt relief when i heard wat he told me...

''i was thinking of training you..
but if u really follow me u cant go for college to study..
the training is like full time..
for ur standard now u can teach begginner classes in my studio..''

then i asked him..
'' will u willin to train me if i follow u?
wat will i get if i choose this path?''

he answered..
'' yes i can train you.. if there's any show i'll let u go for shows..
if there's some advertistment jobs i will bring you too..
n if u help me teach beginnner class i'll pay u salary too..''

i felt very happy when my instructor told me these..
but i've hav to ask Him is this wat He wants me to be?

if i go this path i'll take part time piano class..
to improve my dance..
if i go this path i no need to face all the pressure for exams to get a diploma or degree..
n i able get proffesional certificate from UK as a hiphop instructor if i train hard for it..

but everythin is not comfirmed..
i wont get any diploma or degree cert if i go this path..
n my education level only stopped at SPM..

i was thinkin going for A levels or STPM then only follow my instructor..

but my dad tell me not to watse time on these..

''its okie if u wanna keep dancin in the studio..
arts this kind of things very hard to say..
as a diploma n degree in dance..
doesnt mean tat u're really good in it..
u jus pay for the course fees n u'll get a certificate..
if u go or studio is a more professional way coz u train n work it out..''

sometimes i wish to get something in a high speed..

but this time i really realize must be slow..
not too rush..
God will look after me..
no need to worry..

Him, Jesus Christ will lead me..
comfort me..
n fill me with His l♡ve

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