Tuesday, April 1, 2008


after coming back from Joshua camp..
alots of caring question or somehow pressuring questions coming out from my frens n relatives..

''what r u doing now? workin? studyin?''
''wat u planned to study?''
''how's ur SPM?''
n etc.....

i really praying hard to God..
let him leads my way...
performing arts.. a dangerous subject wer u mus hav talent n of coz hardworking..
wat i really worry is my talent.. wer's the limit of my talent..
really scare until 1 day there's a fullstop for my dance..
i really scare exams. competition,test, audition, n etc since i was young..
i always ask y mus we takin all these?
coz i scare i get a failed in it or lousy results..
i've been givin myself too much pressure..
but Thx God in this camp..
God really help me n show his love for me..
i've learnt everythin..

'' Just let Go
Let God..
We'll do the easy ones..
Let God finish the Hard ones.. ''

my dad always scolds me.. ''y r u worrying so much?''
i really Thx God he given me an understanding n caring parents..
God gav them n *him* to me to prove how much He loves me..

as for now..
i'll let God lead my path..
prayin hard for this sunday..(coz i'm going to SG to find college)
*n of coz tryin to manage time to go to funfair.. xD*

*draw near to God*
*will inform u soon bout my schedule*
*miss you*


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