Thursday, April 3, 2008

KL's Life..... (-.-)Zzz

''Rain drops falling on my head~~''
The sky cries like dogs n cats..
once raining.. u'll take hours to go somewhere in KL..

i was hmming this song while i was in the traffic jam..
i was going to my dance studio to hav my hiphop class..
missed 1 n a half month class n really hope i can attend this time..

many JB dwellers say.. '' if u were in JB.. u'll be easily robbed''
but in KL.. ''if u were in KL, traffic jam is ur best fren in ur life''
swt.. =.=

i've been jamming under the rain for more than 2 hours..
n i din get to attend my dance class..
but jus a U-turn to home needed 2 hours..
KL's LIFE!!! @@

i've sms him bout this case.. n he said.. '' tats y u should come to JB''
wat a good idea.. LOLZ..
i really hope i could stay there too..
after readin his blog..
really touched..
really thx God i've met him..

i believe we'll able to overcome every hardness n bitterness in our life..
althtough we may fear bout our future..
but at this time i wan to love him with all my heart.. of coz God's the 1st..
if human being he's the 1st in my heart..

jus love the way he is..
the way he stares at me..
the way he speaks to me..
the way he cares for me..
everything he did for me....

I pray to God :
''Lord Jesus..pls look after us..
we'll let You leads our path..
and also increase our faith towards You dear lord..
n Lord pls strenghten our hearts........
Amen.. ''

really hope tat he has a same heart wit me......

*l♡ve you*
*be strong*
*miss ya*

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