Saturday, April 5, 2008

God's time

'' i'm boring bout my life being a christian..
always goes to church n hav to face this kind of person........''

'' i wanna live my own life..
i believe i have my own time...''

when i heard these words i really feel sad bout it n keep praying for him..
its not the him tat i love but is my dearest cousin..

we grown up together..
cry together..
laugh together..
n share our true feelings..

but i've advice him.. its not ur own time but its God's time..
he felt tat i've became a holy freak after coming from Joshua13..
he miss me alot n wanna chit chat wit me..

''everythin happened..
is between u n God but not man''
''but remember..
no matter wat happen dun forget that God always by your side''
'' i believe u'll learn something in every ways..''

these are the only words i can tell him..
i cant change him but only God can..

as i've said..

''we'll do the easy ones..
let god finish the hard ones..''

i'll always remember him in prayers...
will be beside him if he needs me..

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