Tuesday, April 22, 2008


okie.. from today onwards..
i'll stay away from *his* blog.. ><.. until 2 months later.. as we've promised.. really happy that *he*'s alright... God's also healing  n comforting me..

*no worries ya.. God will take care of me n *you**

a pair of jeans huh...
Good start.. xD

i'm sure i've hav to chance to see *u* in jeans.. LOLZ!!!

too much to say..
too much to miss..
everything is so much until no one to share?

God is here for me..
He's the one that helps me move on..
pursue after Him.. thrist for Him..

praying for *his* ministry n heart..
future.. appealing..
work.. health....

*i love u too.. miss u so much*
*we've promise each other n also God.. to focus on Him*
*stay strong too*

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