Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm Back!!

Finally!! i'm back!! xD
to much to say n too much to face...
dunno wer to start from...
but sadly.. dunno how to express.. ZZZzzzz...

1stly.. Thx God for everthing..
i've received alot from A4J conference (4/6/08-7/6/08)...
summore God spoke to me...
come to Jesus feet like Mary..
God also spoke to me bout my ministry too..
serve Him as a child wit pure heart..
obey Him n inHim there's no fear..
n i believe!! God wont lie to us!!!!!

actually before this camp i wasn't expectin anythin from this camp..
coz i've been alots of camp..
but this time was totally dif..
it really reminds us..
going back to the 1st time when we serve God n the Hearts tat are on fire for Him..
coz i mus admit it sometimes being an old christian.. i'm not as alert as last time..
n my heart cant really obey Him or trust in Him whole heartaly...
but this time really clear all my sinful mind set n turn back to the right path...

tats all for today.. haha.. coz havin fever, flu n sorethrout..
i pray tat i'll recover before 15/06/08..
coz i hav dance n singin during tat day..
is an evangelis meeting...

God bless every1!! xD

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