Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dance Performance


my 1st dance show performance of being a artist back up dancer..

so happy wit it... xD

wel.. if u ask me who's the artist then i can tel u im not sure.. ><

dun hit me la.. 

coz.. they jus newly debut...

their CD is launchint thrusday.. ^^..

is a male group.. 2 members..

msia singer.. last year astro singin contest top 10..

today got practise wit them..

well.. they kinda friendly.. ^^

not realy remember their name.. 1 is Frankie n 1.. forgot.. =.="

sorry.. ><

well.. workin hard n the practise is tiring.. 

but very excited bout it.. xD

thx God for everythin... =)

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