Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sorry my Friends..

Sorry my Dear frens.. im not use to update blog.. ><..
or can say that i dun express anythin outloud.. ><..
like to share in personal.. haha

as everyone knows that i got my new pet,,
n its not a cat this time is a dog.. wahahaha
Fiannyl get 1 Toy poodle.. i wan it since i was small..
but din manage to get i when i was small coz my family thought tat these dogs living fes is more expensive than human n hard to take care..
but thx to my frens that havin dogs.. they taught my alot n i felt its not tat hard to rare.. xD
love u girls n guys n Chester..

so.. now lets talk some bout my feelings recently..
can i describe it as.. Lost? Down? or.. not doing good enough..

maybe i pushin myself too much.. in mentally.. should not think too much n affect my emotions..

its time for me again to Lean on God..
n focus back n look up to God's will..

n havin flu n fever recently.. all askin same question.. izit get swine desease.. WAKAKAKAKA
no la.. jus normal flu.. as usual everymonth i sure wil sick 1 time.. my Body is too weak.. do pray for me.. ><

n my dancemate.. lookin forward for our future teamwork n being together..
God bless my frens n him..

Thx God for everythin..

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