Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NEW Blog SiTE!!

my new blog!!! http://blog.hellokitty.com.my/rebecca900630

new email address rebecca900630@hellokitty.com.my

well.. i think alot of ppl will start thinkin y am i openin a new blog since im so lazy n hardly update my blog.. LOLZ!!

well.. i jus say tat is.. i love Hello Kitty alot since i was small.. n now finally i found a official Hello Kitty blog site.. xD

yea maybe can say jus change blog themes n etc.. but i jus like it.. a hello kitty email address n blog..

well.. i'll try my best to blog more in this blog n also my new blogsite..

this new blogsite will be mostly bout my Life journey..... bout my dance life..

n this blog will bout my whole life.....

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