Thursday, August 28, 2008

baRA BAba BABA~!! xD

since i hav a chance to online n didnt blog for so long..
i'll write little bout my life recently..

well.. thx God in all ways!!!!!!!!!! xD
i really hav to say tat n tell the world tat how God love me.. xD

i believe God is openin ways for my dance..
as i've said last time.. my instructor is startin his own studio n no more trainin classes for me..

but now.. finally my teacher's studio getting better n he's plannin to train a group of dancers for his studio n for competitions..

n of coz..
im in the ''going to be train' dancers list..

haha.. im so happy.. my teacher will start planning for the trainin, schedule, category n etc after his weddin dinner at 7/9/2008..

so still prayin the plans will go smoothly.. coz its not officially started the plan..

he also ask me which style i wanna concentrate beside hiphop..
then i say electric boogie..
elestric boogie includes popping, boogaloo, waves, king tart, animation n more..

wel.. coz beside hiphop my 2nd best is electric boogie i think.. lolz..
coz i very sucks at lockin.. sob.. mus practise more bout it.. @@

well.. still paryin for everythin.. Gog really love me.. He always open ways for me..
so.. i cant be cry baby anymore.. mus be strong in Him..

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